100 Books: A Year of Reading

My very favorite book website, LibraryThing, has a group every year that challenges readers to READ BIG! The concept is that you read a certain number of books in a certain number of categories. The numbers are tied to the year, so last year, for example, the goal was to read 9 books in 9 categories (9×9 in 2009), for a total of 81 books. I didn’t quite make it to the target, but I did manage to read 62 (see those here). It’s a great challenge, and seeing what everyone else is reading is almost as fun as doing your own challenge. I learned about so many new books and authors that way! And it’s really amazing to see how your reading actually breaks down: there were some categories I thought I’d fill with no trouble that I really struggled with. And you push yourself to read outside the “easy” genres and popular fiction.

So, this year, the challenge is to read 10 books in 10 categories (10×10 in 2010) for 100 books. Life is a little less hectic this year, so I’m hoping to hit my goal. You can follow my progress here. So far, I’ve read 17 books, at least one in each category (except the 2 I’ve not designated yet), and I’m halfway through number 18! The target is 25 books every 3 months, so I’m ahead of schedule!

Even if you know you can’t manage 100 books in a year, the challenge could still be a lot of fun. There are some people who are doing a “step challenge” where they read 1 book from category 1, 2 books from category 2, and so on. Their goal is only 55 books, but they still get the thrill of setting the goal, reading outside their comfort zone, and learning about interesting new books!

Come join us!


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