I had to sit down the other day and make up my list of things to do and things to prepare for Spring. It was a daunting list, to say the least. There are turkey and duck pens to finish up, and sheep to be got, gardens to be tilled, seeds to be purchased and started, and, of course, more birds to be procured. After all, you can’t have Page-turner Poultry without the birds!

The bird list is long. And expensive. I’m trying to add Salmon Faverolles, buff Chanteclers, blue-laced red Wyandottes, blue Orpingtons, Delawares, and Andalusians to the existing flock of buff Brahmas, gold-laced Wyandottes, buff Orpingtons, Easter Eggers, and gray Silkies. There are also the turkeys (Calicos, blue Palms, and chocolate Slates) and the ducks (Cayugas, Golden Cascades, crested Buffs, White Crested, Silver Appleyards, Saxonies, OR Anconas- I can’t decide) to be added.

Where I’m going to find the time (or money) for all this is a question I’m avoiding at the moment. And the idea of feeding them all makes me a bit nauseous. But this is the fun part! Planning for the insanity that is Spring on a farm is something you have to live through to fully comprehend. I LOVE it!


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