The Chicken Sale

I got up bright and early- 7 am, which for me is quite early- and headed over to Sweetwater, TN, for the chicken sale. The chicken sale, the first and third weekend of every month, is very informal- mostly a bunch of men, basically on the side of the road, with birds for sale in cages in the bed of their truck. I had heard that it started around 7am but usually ran until about 9 or 10. Since I was just doing a reconnaissance mission, I didn’t feel the need to be there at 7. Tracy, who works for us here on the farm and has been a complete godsend with everything I’ve been trying to do, came along because he’s been dying to get a few chickens of his own.

We pulled down the road where the sale was at about 8:15, just in time to see everyone packing up to head home! They had already sold almost everything in the hour or so that they’d been there. There were a couple of people with chickens still for sale and a guy trying to sale about a dozen rabbits, but nothing that I particularly needed, and definitely no chicks. There was a beautiful trio of Yokohamas. Yokohamas are Japanese birds whose tail feathers grow very long, like this one pictured here.

Yokohama roo with long tail feathers

The roo looked much like the one pictured below.

Yokohama roo

The hens were mostly grayish-white with a few of those reddish spots. Really pretty birds, but they were 4 years old and the guy wanted way to much for them.

Just as we were leaving, I spotted a lavender turkey hen. I am seriously in love with these BEAUTIFUL birds, so I ran over to see what I could find out. The guy who had her said he had just bought her that morning but the guy who was selling them had already left. I was disappointed, but I knew I couldn’t feasibly buy a turkey today. I don’t have the turkey pen finished and I don’t have other turkeys to keep her company. She was a nice looking bird though, so I may be staking out the sale in 2 weeks to see if I can score a couple.

Lavender Turkeys

Tracy was still set on getting some chicks today so we ran by the Madisonville Co-Op on our way home. Our local one had sold all 300 chicks they got in one day, so we weren’t too hopeful. But we didn’t even have to make it all the way inside to know they had some- 3 people came out with chick boxes as we were walking in! He got himself (and a friend of ours he’s brooding some for) 10 Rhode Island Red pullets. He’s super excited and I’m really happy for him. He’s really interested in my chickens and always brings them treats when he’s working. We’re starting the construction on his chicken tractor today after we move my chicken wagon. It’s a busy chicken Saturday!


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