First eggs!

Finally, after 5 months, 3 weeks, and 1 day, I got some farm fresh eggs from my own girls! Yesterday I found a beautiful green egg from one of the EEs and today I found a beautiful little brown egg from Madeline, the gimpy Wyandotte (you can read her account of the story on their blog). I had started to seriously doubt whether they would EVER lay eggs, but they proved me wrong. What a sad, doubting chicken momma I am! And the best part: my first egg was laid on St. Patrick’s Day and it was GREEN!!

green one came first, then the brown (with large store-bought)

I had considered saving them until I had a whole dozen and then making breakfast for the family, but I just couldn’t wait. Plus, both eggs were laid outside of clean nest boxes (one on the floor and one in Madeline’s hay bed, which isn’t the cleanest spot in the world), so I was unsure about their cleanliness over a period of time (egg shells are porous and bacteria can cross into the egg, but it only happens under certain conditions- of which I’m not completely familiar). So, I was selfish and I made them both for breakfast this morning. They were lovely! Fresh, clear orangey-yellow, stayed together in the bowl, and tasted WONDERFUL fried, over hard, on toast.

store-bought: yellow and runny

farm fresh: orange and firm

Now hopefully the rest of the girls will start to feel left out and kick it in to gear! I dream of full egg baskets!

UPDATE: When I got home, there was another brown egg!! That’s three in 2 days.


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