The Best Book Club Ever!

Don’t know how many people actually read the Monkey See blog over on NPR, but contributors Linda Holmes and Marc Hirsh have started a new “book club” which is completely fabulous. The attack plan? “I will if you will”- in other words, if you will read it, so will I and then we’ll be super funny and witty about it.

The book chosen to launch the book club was… Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. Yes, I will admit that I’ve read it… ok, I’ve read the whole series. But, in my defense, once I started, I just had to know where it went and how completely absurd it became. Let’s just say that the last book was so bad that, for the first time in my whole life, I took it back to the bookstore after I’d read it. And then I sold the first 3 back to the used bookstore I bought them from (I started the series about a month before the last one came out).

So I’m not a fan. To be fair, though, I did like the IDEA of the story. If someone competent had written it, it probably would have been quite good. But I don’t place all of the blame on Stephanie Meyer, not even most of the blame really. I blame her editors and publishing company. How any professional editor could read those books and not see the flaws is beyond me. That person should be fired- and banished. Seriously.

Anyway, back to the reason for this post. The book club on Monkey See is really spectacular. They aren’t out to bash people who love the book (which is just uncalled for under any circumstances) and they aren’t trying to hate on Stephanie Meyer. What they are doing is discussing what’s actually wrong with the story, and in the most entertaining way. Here’s my favorite snippet from the first installment:

Marc: Also, in an incident that damns both Meyer and her editor, there is a line about “dust moats” floating in the light. …Moats. Of dust.

Ah, here it is: “I ate breakfast cheerily, watching the dust moats stirring in the sunlight that streamed in the back window.” I think she was going for “mote”: “a small particle; speck.”

Linda: Dust moats! Dusty moats! Moaty dust!

Marc: Keeping out the dust barbarians!

Linda: “If you want my daughter, the princess, you shall have to cross this MOAT OF DUST!”

Marc: “Lower the lint drawbridge!”

I dare anyone to tell me that isn’t hilarious. See, that’s one bad editor. Even if you haven’t read Twilight, have no intention of EVER reading it, or loved it but are realistic about some of its shortcomings, check out the rest of the discussions.

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