Easter treat

I decided the chickies deserved an Easter treat for being such good layers lately (9 eggs from my 12 girls yesterday!!), so I let everyone out for a nice bit of free ranging and a feast of leftover ham. I have to say, everyone behaves a lot better when they are out ranging. It’s not that they are crowded in the run and therefore feather picking or anything like that… I think the boys just get distracted when they are out ranging so that shagging the girls to death isn’t their main priority. Silly boys.

The boys still won’t play nice with Madeline so I put her into the run to enjoy her own afternoon frolic. I was trying to keep an eye on all the chicken madness going on in the field so I wasn’t paying particular attention to Madeline. After about an hour, I had at last corralled everyone back near the coop and I finally noticed something strange in the run. There was an egg in there, laying right next to the waterer! Now, I thought Madeline laid an egg right after the first eggs started coming weeks ago. But she’s not laid a single one since and I started to wonder how one of the other hens got their egg in Madeline’s safe room… I was seriously starting to think that she was never going to lay an egg and then she just drops one right there in the run! That was a good Easter surprise.


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