Food for Thought… literally

I doubt I could find many people who think school food is really good. Most of us are more than happy that we don’t have to suffer through what passes for school lunch any more. But we, as a country and as individuals, seem to have accepted it as a given, as something not worth actually thinking about.

I’d have to say we’ve been wrong about that, myself included. Fixing this food crisis in our country most assuredly needs in include the children. I mean, what’s the point in getting people interested in real food again if our kids are still eating that crap? We owe it to them to do the right thing.

Luckily, there are people out there who knew this all along. Alice Water’s has her Edible Schoolyard, a most wonderful program. And now there’s the lovely Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution. These people are pioneers who are using their celebrity to get the word out. But they aren’t the only ones making waves.

Risking their own careers to do the right thing are some wonderful teachers. Mrs. Q over at the Fed Up With Lunch blog, is seriously putting her money where her mouth is, by eating school lunch for an entire year. She’s had to hide her identity for fear of losing her job.

Mendy Heaps, a teacher from Colorado, is finding out the hard way that taking a stand often makes you a target (read the full story here). After beginning to teach nutrition in her Language Arts classes and offering a fruit cart to students who usually subsist solely on “choco-taco” ice cream treats, she’s been reprimanded by her school administrators. Of course they have to adhere to national guidelines, but she’s just trying to get the kids informed- something schools should be doing anyway.

It’s a sad day when teachers are being reprimanded for looking out for their student’s well-being and we need a Brit to come fix our school lunch program… something has to change.


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