Busy Busy Busy

The past few days have been BUSY, but in a mostly good way! Friday afternoon, my two best guy friends, Matt and Woody, stopped in for a break from their cross-country road-trip (they had started in San Francisco 4 days before). We went out and painted the town red! Dinner with my sister and my best friend, Teddi. Drinks and hookah and belly dancers at the Egyptian Café. Karaoke at Toot’s Little Honky-Tonk. It was a really spectacular night, especially since my sister is always home with the baby and I’m always home with the… chickens.

Before they had arrived, Woody had been constantly talking about butchering a chicken. I thought he was just joking since everyone else I know is pretty seriously freaked out by the thought that it even happens at all. But he wasn’t joking. He really, really wanted to do it. He kept talking about finally being man enough to face his food and how he wanted to be honest about where his food came from. So, I let him. I needed to butcher that spare Easter Egger rooster anyway and this way I didn’t have to do it myself!

I thought he’d back out, even though he swore he wanted to do it. But he didn’t. He did a pretty good job. He and Matt were both completely fascinated by the whole process. I even made them pluck it! They watched with very academic interest as I eviscerated it. I had to show them what all the organs were and explain how a crop and gizzard worked. It was pretty wonderful! Finally, people my age who don’t think I’m a complete nut job!

After the boys left, I headed into town to meet my BackYardChickens.com forum friends. I was super excited to meet with these people who I talk to almost every day on the forums, not to mention how excited I was to talk chickens with people who are knowledgeable instead of people who are just curious about this new venture. I had the added incentive of having a buyer for my other spare Easter Egger rooster, the black and white one with the beautiful tail.

That ended up being the highlight of the day. Everyone came out to the parking lot to see him. The guy who bought him from me had brought a big wooden crate that had broken on his way over. He was wondering how he was going to get him home, so I suggested, only half jokingly, that he’d probably ride in the cab just fine. So we popped him in the passenger seat and waited to see what would happen. He hoped up on the dash and made himself at home! So, off they went, with the rooster-now-known-as-Marbles riding shotty on the dash! It was brilliant!

This morning, Hansel picked a fight with Ernest and Ernest gave him a nice big laceration at the base of his comb. I brought him home and cleaned him up and left him out in the isolation pen til I got home from family lunch. When I got home, I took him back up to the yard. It wasn’t 5 minutes later that he started another fight with Ernest and this time lost a chunk of comb and sustained another laceration on his head.

Hansel's nasty head wound

Now he was bleeding pretty profusely, so I brought him back home and doctored him up. I had stopped the worst of the bleeding when he flew out of my hands. The jolt upon hitting the floor started the bleeding all over again and he took this opportunity to shake his head and sling chicken blood ALL OVER my bathroom… and me. I knew that I had to get the bleeding to stop before I took him back outside or he’d get all manner of grossness in the open wounds, so… I put my very first diaper on a chicken. It was HILARIOUS!

This afternoon, I did some egg deliveries and then came home to work in the flower beds. We’d let the leaves pile up all winter and I knew there was going to be a whole lot of worms under there for the chickens to eat. Talk about hitting the mother-lode! Needless to say, the chickens were more than satisfied with their treats today.

oh, the indignity

the unhappiest little chicken


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