A little hive-ology

More busy days on the farm. Yesterday afternoon we had a Bee Party. Our bee guy, Joe, came out to check how our hives were fairing after this hard winter (the first winter for many of our hives). I remembered my camera this time and got some great pictures of the bust little ladies doing their jobs well!

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Joe said that even though many of our hives are new colonies, they are doing so well that we can probably expect 2 full honey harvests this year! That’s unheard of for new hives we’ve had before. We did loose 4 hives over the course of the winter. 3 of those died from starvation (common for new colonies in a harsh winter) and one swarmed in the last 2 weeks (meaning they had a new queen and left to establish their own colony elsewhere). What we lost is being made up by the fact that some of our hives are doing so well that we can split them- we split one off yesterday and 2 more will be ready in the next few weeks!

All-in-all, we’re having great success with all the new bees and the older colonies are still going strong! I can’t wait till we’ve got gallons and gallons of beautiful honey to share!


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