Planting and nesting

I started some of my seeds in peat pots today- the tomatoes, onions, eggplant, and peppers that came in while I was gone this weekend. I know I’m terribly late getting started for my zone (modified 6b-7a), but I’m just forging ahead at full speed and we’ll see what comes up. Tomorrow I will start direct seeding things like carrots and melons and beans. That means that I seriously need to make some garden plans up tonight… If I don’t it will be utter anarchy!

Last night, Gretel was in a nest box and growled at me when I tried to move her. She wasn’t sitting on anything, but she sure was acting broody. I chucked her off the nest this morning to see what she would do. Every time I went to check on her, she was pacing next to the door seeming very agitated. I figured she was pretty determined, so this afternoon I gave her 4 of the big girls’ eggs to sit on. She plopped her fuzzy butt right down and hasn’t moved since. Hansel tried to climb in the nest with her for a cuddle, but she screamed at him. He went to cuddle with Madeline instead.

I’ve got two of her own eggs warming up to go under her tonight. I didn’t see this coming, so her eggs have been in the fridge for a little over a day. Everyone seems to think they still have a good chance of hatching, so we’re going to give it a try. This is my first experience with hatching eggs, so Gretel and I are just going to have to learn together.

So, in 21 days we’ll know the answer to the questions “Can late planted seeds still grow?” and “Can Gretel and I stick it out and get us some babies?” We’ll keep you posted…


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