The Great Boot Hunt

I’ve been searching for a really great pair of work boots since October. Let’s just say it’s been less than stellar… ok, it’s been a complete travesty. The problem is that I have weird legs: I have smallish feet (size 7) that are really wide, somewhat small ankles and huge calves. I am not the model that work boot manufactures dream of.

I got this really spectacular pair of Sorel ankle boots secondhand from my great-aunt, but they are too big. They’re fine to throw on and do some quick chores in, but they come off my foot in a second in the mud and they don’t keep my feet warm because of the gap in the neck. If they fit I think they would be really perfect.

So I went looking for a pair that was my size. Turns out, these boots are a couple of years old (she never wore them) and Sorel no longer makes them. Even if they did, Sorel boots are EXPENSIVE- easily over a hundred dollars for a pair of boots. So, I needed another plan.

I found several pairs online that seemed promising, but, as I mentioned, my legs are weird and trying boots on is a must. So I was sure I would never find any that I liked, fit my legs, and did all the things I needed them to do. Until I walked into the Co-Op the other day and a pair of Autumn Chocolate Mid-Calf Bogs was calling my name.

Bogs: Autumn Chocolate

I had found Bogs online months ago, but never could find a pair to try on so I forgot about them. And they were pricier than I really was interested in. I couldn’t resist trying them on in the store though. Oh My God, they fit like a dream. It was like they had been molded to my feet. And they are the exact right height, being tall enough to keep the muck out but hitting just above my ankles where my legs start to get thick. Big plus: THEY ARE ON SALE!!! And they are cute. Let’s face it: I might be a farmer, but I’m still a girl, and it never hurts to have work boots that you can hose down and wear to town! I’ll be the most stylish farmer at the Market! The livestock sales won’t know what’s hit them!

Now I’ve got work boot greed. I want to get the Autumn Chocolate Mid-Calf Bogs AND the Mattie Green Ankle Bogs. And then I want to splurge big time on the Sorel Tivoli boots just because they are soooooo sexy. God help me, I even want the hot pink laces! **GASP** Whatever is a farmer girl to do?

*UPDATE* I bought the Bogs Mid-calf boots today and I was SO excited. I put them on as soon as I got home. I wandered around the house a bit to get the feel of them and after only 5 minutes my feet were sweating like crazy. They are completely lined with neoprene, which is perfect for keeping your feet dry, and warm in the winter, but it’s WAY to warm for summer. Maybe if they were a bit bigger so that there was an air pocket around my feet to cool them a bit, it wouldn’t be so bad. But they only had 2 pairs of size 8s (which fit like a glove) so I can’t even try on a pair of 9s to see if that helps. I’m totally bummed out. I can’t decide whether to keep them anyway for winter or take them back and try to find something that will work year round. The hunt continues…

Bogs: Mattie Green

Sorel: Tivoli


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