Name The Farm!

Ok, so I’ve been having a farm identity crisis: picking the right name. Back at the beginning of this experiment, I had settled on Page-Turner Farms. The reasoning was that, well, I’m a bit of a page-turner in that I read constantly and this farming thing is my attempt at turning a new page in life. It felt right at the time.

And then I started thinking about it too much. My biggest worry is that it sounds too much like someone’s name: Paige Turner. I don’t want there to be that kind of ambiguity and confusion, especially since my name isn’t Paige Turner and I own the joint. I also thought people just might not “get it.” Was I trying too hard to force it into being clever when it really just didn’t make sense?

The business will encompass selling eggs, poultry, and veggies, as well as chicks and hatching eggs. In the short term, we’ll be selling beef again. Over the next few years we’ll be expanding into some dairy, pigs, and sheep. The name needs to work for all of these, so it can’t be super specific towards one thing- my mom’s suggestion of Cluckingham Palace Farms doesn’t really work for selling beef!

Something to do with bookworms is the easiest answer in my opinion, but I’m not completely sold on the concept yet. I’m also kicking around the idea of something to do with “gypsy wagon.” My chicken coop is mobile and has earned the affectionate name of “that durn Gypsy Chicken Wagon.”

I’m in the process of trying to get a logo made up and business cards printed, so I desperately need to make a decision. I’m asking for help. Outside opinions will be very helpful since it’s how the customers view it that will have the most impact. Please vote or send me your suggestions. Thanks!


8 thoughts on “Name The Farm!

  1. It’s a farm, it has animals… Animal Farm. No, wait… you say you want to raise sheep and pigs in the future. We don’t want to give any future pigs any ideas above their station. And sheep continually chanting “Four legs good, two legs bad” would just get annoying.

    Actually “Animal Farmcould work. It would be better if you had a barn wall on which you could paint the original Seven Commandments. Or maybe just the seventh.

    If you don’t like that, we could stick with the same book and pick the event where the animals are at their height. They’ve thrown off the drunkard, Mr Jones and defeated him again at the Battle of the Cowshed. Although Napoleon has ousted Snowball and the abuse of power and the purges have started, the animals all come together to defeat, albeit at great cost, the swindler Mr Frederick. This results in the demolition of the windmill.

    Therefore, to honour this victory, I suggest “Windmill Farm“. This would be excellent for a Corporate Identity Package (i.e. a logo and letterhead and stuff) and also ties in nicely with a certain literary Gentleman from La Mancha. It would, admittedly, work better if you had an actual windmill on your farm.

    All the best.


    ps Sorry to hear about Fig. Don’t beat yourself up too much! Hope all goes well with the baby kitties! GWS has baby kitties as well.

    • As always, you are the best, Jim!

      Animal Farm would be SO great, but I don’t think it’d make us stand out very much.

      Windmill Farm is very cute. If my mom and I have our way, we will have a windmill before too long… maybe we’ll rechristen the farm then!

  2. Hmm. Good question. What to call the home place? If you do choose Animal Farm which is clever – be sure to use some anime art cartoonish style in your logo. Remember a lot of people have never read Animal Farm and will not understand your wit.
    What I’d do? Sit on the porch on a moonlit nite with kitty beside me, preferably in or on a rocking chair or porch swing. Listen to what the farm sounds like. What does the farm feel like? And spend some silent time in reflection on those ideas and images. What would the farm WANT to be called if it could tell you? If all else fails there is a family name you can tag it to? Page turner farm is a real “turn off” I want a farmer who is hoeing and plowing though I appreciate your ‘turning a new page’ image. Turning the soil as you would turn a page makes a new beginning too.

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