I can’t be trusted…

… anywhere near a poultry sale, apparently.

Today I drove down to Delano, TN, to the Amish community’s market. The last Saturday of every month they have a small animal sale and I was dying to see what they had to offer. The whole thing was just wonderful. I took lots of pictures, but tried really hard to respect the Amish tradition of not being photographed.

The community is only a few miles off the highway. You take a simple right turn, go under a railroad overpass, and step back in time. As soon as I pulled up, I could see 7 horse and buggies tied up behind the livestock barn. There were charming straw-hatted gentlemen directing traffic into the nearly full parking lot.

There was a large crowd, probably about 100 people, gathered around the entrance of the barn since the doors were still shut. At exactly 9am the doors swung open and it was like a mad dash to get inside. It was so cool! They had rabbits, guineas, turkeys, chickens, pigeons, a few goats and calves, a lone pig, and even a horse for sale. All of them looked perfectly healthy and well-cared for and I had no problems finding birds to buy. On the other hand, flagging down one of the “nice young men in the straw hats with a clipboard” to write up my purchases was a bit of a chore. There were just so many people trying to buy before everything got snatched up.

I finally flagged down one of the nice young men and bought 3 Araucana pullets (young hens) which will lay blue eggs, 2 Bourbon Red poults (baby turkeys), and 2 Royal Palm poults. I was so very excited to get all of these: my mom and I have been wanting blue eggs since I first got the chickens and I’ve wanted turkeys almost as long. It was very exciting.

After I secured my new birds, I went to check out the market. They had a lot more available than I would have thought for May: tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, lettuces, cauliflower (even orange cauliflower!), preserves, bread, and even some personal items like shampoo and soap, and home goods like candles. It was really very cool. I bought some tomatoes, cucumbers, whole wheat bread, salsa, blueberry preserves, and apple butter. I ate one of the tomatoes on the way home and it was wonderful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the market, I drove through the community. It was really beautiful with all the windmills and buggies and huge, perfect gardens. There were several chicken tractors being run in with the produce, especially in the orchards. I took my time and tried to see everything.

On my way home, I stopped off to pick up two Wheaten Marans- one male and one female- from a BYC member. That brought my grand total of purchased birds for the day up to nine. Nine wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t already have 5 chicks from the Mother’s Day hatch as well as more that were hatching today. 5 of those have hatched so far, with another 4 possible.

So, um…. I’ve now got a lot of birds to take care of. But I love it!


One thought on “I can’t be trusted…

  1. Great slide show. I can just imagine your vehicle with all those poultry bouncing around on your way home. We will be trying Turkeys next year, can’t wait.

    Amish country is just amazing – and peaceful.

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