I was out pulling weeds in the garden this morning when it started to rain. Usually, I rather enjoy gardening in the rain- it’s a whole hell of a lot cooler then, which you don’t ignore in the hot, muggy South. Since it wasn’t coming down to hard- and I seriously needed to do this weeding- I just kept at it.

The garden is being overrun by grass and weeds because it’s been raining about every 3 days. It hasn’t been raining a whole lot, but my garden has a bit of a water retaining problem plus a lot of clay, so it becomes a mushy, swampy mess pretty easily. Just when it dries out enough to really do any work, here comes another little shower and there goes my chances of not working in a mud hole.

So, as I said, I just kept at it. I usually weed by hand because I’m seriously crap with a hoe- I typically destroy all the veggies and leave the weeds plenty of room to grow. Since this garden has been plagued with issues from the start, I can’t really afford to go hacking at my plants. Anyway, I’m down on my hands and knees, weeding the carrots (which is really hard since they are quite delicate), enjoying the fact that it’s not 95° and humid. I’m getting damp but my garden hat is keeping my glasses dry and that’s really all I need.

And then, out of nowhere, the sky just completely opens up. I get soaked COMPLETELY in the time it takes me to stand up, without stepping in the carrot bed, and put my flip-flops back on. So soaked, that I basically look like I just jumped in the lake. We’re talking, water dripping off my bra soaked.

And that’s when I remembered that the cover was off the pen that the chickies and poults were in, including the injured one I had JUST put back in there this morning. So, I squelch through the muck as fast as I can, hop in the car soaking wet and, now, covered in mud, and hightail it back to the house.

The poor little babies are huddled under the door to the pen trying to stay dry but not succeeding since the rain is coming at them sideways. I throw the cover over the pen and drop to the ground to make sure everyone is ok and not completely soaked. They seemed fine once the imminent threat was gone. Thank heavens.

So I start to head inside to get some dry clothes. Then I realize I might as well take advantage of this downpour- waste not, want not, right? So, I grab the box of toiletries that I keep in the car and I head around the back of the house to where the gutter feeds into the rain barrel: I can unhook the gutter easily from the barrel and it’s filtered at the top.

So, yes, today I enjoyed a completely nature provided shower, right out in my backyard. Thank god for remoteness and a healthy tree line!


4 thoughts on “Wet

  1. Hi Leah,

    Oh! Pardon me. *Covers eyes*

    I just sent a message to ‘Littlest Turkey’ and suggested that, because I enjoyed his(?) story so much, I would like to call him Orhan from now on. I did stress that he would have to be sure to talk nicely about the other turkeys though. I also told Orhan that I would ask you (What? No I am not peeking!) if he could use that name around the farm.

    I do hope that you will let him (you missed a bit of mud behind your knee there) use that name. Let’s face it, if you are going to acquire livestock at the rate you are going, I’m going to need a whole squadron of assistants to find names for them all.

    No, behind your other knee.


  2. There are few things as wonderful as showering outside… I have no idea why, but it must be some primal thing. It’s lovely.

    Jim, Orhan is a very good name option. I’ll keep it in mind. Of course, the Littlest Turkey could always turn out to be a girl or tell me his name is something wild like Rumpelstiltskin… but I like Orhan a lot.

    Thanks for all the name sleuthing you do. I’ll work on getting you some assistants. 😉

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