The madness hit full force today when the birds were introduced to their first watermelon. I’d been meaning to get them one for weeks but, once a watermelon makes it in this house, it rarely makes it out again… So, I finally exercised some self-control and hacked one up for the birds.

The Big Boys and Girls in the main coop went NUTS! To be fair, they go nuts for just about any treat I bring them (hell, they go nuts just seeing a bag in my hand), but this one was pretty impressive. I so wish I’d had the camera! Ernest and Gulliver were dancing around their respective pieces of melon trying to see who could attract more girls to their juicy buffet. The girls couldn’t have cared less if the boys were 10 ft tall bears intent on eating THEM for dinner, so long as they got some watermelon first. It was hilarious.

The newbies, who are in a sectioned off portion of the coop and pen, were a bit hesitant when I threw them their piece. But they got the hang of it soon enough. Even the splash Wyandotte hen, who is painfully timid, came out and got her share of the yumminess.

The teenage chickens and their new pen mates, the babies, were the highlight of the experience. The only time they all get along is when they are eating and this was the perfect example. Shockingly, it was one of the babies who bravely tasted the watermelon first. She pranced right over there and gave it a swift peck. And then another. And then she just went wild, pecking bits off and clucking to her little heart’s content. The other babies and the teenagers couldn’t resist trying it then. They all stood around it in a circle and didn’t let up until it was pecked clean to the rind!

Hansel and Madeline enjoyed theirs. He’s desperately trying to get her attention all the time, so he kept picking pieces off and taking them to her but she wasn’t interested since she was getting her own. It was awfully sweet of him though. The turkeys were ambivalent when I gave them their piece, but they also had pecked it clean when I went to check on them later.

So, watermelon is a roaring success around the farm! Hopefully the ones I planted will come in so I can stop paying an arm and a leg for them at the farm down the road!


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