What it means to be poor (via The Slowvelder)

Amazing to read this on the Slowvelder blog. Had to share with all of you!

What it means to be poor A rich parent, wishing that his son learns what it means to lack the luxury he lived in, sent him to stay with farmers on their farm. The son spent three days and three nights on the farm. Driving back to the city, the father enquired on his son’s experiences, to which the son replied that his stay was a positive one. “Have you learnt anything”, asked the father. “Oh yes”, replied the son – We have one dog whilst they have four. We have a swimmin … Read More

via The Slowvelder


2 thoughts on “What it means to be poor (via The Slowvelder)

  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful journey in Montreal. The food looks incredible! I visited Montreal for the first time on July 4th weekend and watched the world cup games as well! Go Spain!

    I’d love you to join PinkPangea.com, a new community for women travelers to get real travel information geared specifically to women.

    It would be great if you could post about your travels to Montreal or New Zealand (or anywhere else you would like to share about) providing anecdotes and photos from your time abroad. You might also want to provide tips for women travelers who also want to get out there.

    I look forward to hearing more about your experiences abroad!

    Hope to hear from you soon,




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