The smallest pebble…

… can make the largest splash.

Here’s another uplifting story I came across tonight. I happened to catch the documentary A Small Act, about the Hilde Back Education Fund.

Hilde Back escaped Nazi Germany as a young Jewish child, smuggled out of the country into Sweden by strangers. her parents were forced to remain in Germany because Sweden wouldn’t accept Jewish adults. She never saw them again- her father died in a work camp and her mother was killed at Auschwitz.

In the 1970s, as a way to acknowledge the gift she was given by being taken into Sweden, Hilde began donating about $15/month to an international sponsorship program to help Kenyan children complete secondary school. One of Hilde’s beneficiaries, Chris Mburu, went on to complete law school at the University of Nairobi and a Master’s Degree in International Human Rights Law from Harvard.

In recognition of Hilde’s gift to him, a person she had never met, Chris decided to start the Hilde Back Education Fund which would provide scholarships to needy and deserving children in Kenya, so that they too might continue their secondary school education.

So often, we don’t do little things to help because we think that it’s not enough. We assume that a $15 donation can’t possibly make a difference. But, when you are able to see the ripple effect even those small kindnesses have, you see that everything we do can change the world. Those strangers that helped Hilde escape couldn’t have saved every Jewish child. But they saved one. And that one child has gone on to be the inspiration that is saving hundreds of children from a life of certain poverty because of a lack of access to education.

Every little thing can make a huge difference. Have you been inspired to make a difference lately?


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