Dreams of Flying

Thanks to NPR‘s Picture Show blog this week, I came across artist Jan Von Holleben. His pictures are wonderfully odd and thoughtful at the same time. Von Holleben is doing some really wonderful things with what NPR is calling “overhead stop-motion animation.” I don’t think I’d go so far as to categorize his work as animation, but, whatever it is, I love it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve always really enjoyed stop-motion video. It’s just amazing what some creative and determined people can come up with. It’s been really nice to see stop-motion really come back into fashion. Surely everyone’s noticed the large influx lately? In case you haven’t, here are some of my favorites.

The videos that made me love stop-motion:


all the Amazon Kindle stop-motion commercials, especially this one

Music Videos:

(I know the Strawberry Swing video won’t play unless you go to YouTube. Please take my advice and actually go watch the video. It’s AMAZING.)

Art projects:

Jeff Chiba Stearns: blurring the lines between stop-motion, flip book, and traditional animation:

In case these videos didn’t fulfill your desire for all things stop-motion, check out SmashingMagazine.com‘s list of “50 Incredible Stop Motion Videos.”


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