Back-to-School Shopping at the Post-Apocalyptic Wal-Mart (via Pleated-Jeans)

While researching for my up-coming foray into extreme novel writing, I came across this TOTALLY hilarious post from Jeff Wysaski over at It’s just so perfect!

Back-to-School Shopping at the Post-Apocalyptic Wal-Mart No daddy, I don’t want the black gas mask! Are you crazy? Look how big and bulky it is! Yuck, that is so 2023. In case you haven’t noticed, skinny is in! Do you really want all the kids in the safety zone to make fun of me? Yes, you’re right – the skinny gas masks filter less noxious fumes then the big, gigantic ugly ones. So what? Sure, there’s a small chance I might die a slow, painful death if too much chlorine gas finds its way through the to … Read More

via Pleated-Jeans


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