Husband’s Food Art for Pregnant Wife on Bed Rest (via

For Shirley Sirivong, being pregnant has been anything but easy. After being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, complete placenta previa, and incompetent cervix, she was put on bed rest and a strict special diet. In the early months of bed rest, Shirley’s “dull” breakfasts were limited to egg whites, wheat bread, peanut butter, and a few fruits and veggies. To liven up Shirley’s bland meals, her husband Gat began to create funny faces out of boiled eggs and toast. “After a few days of that,” Shirley told us, “they started to become more elaborate scenes.”

Since then Gat has been serving up beautiful, creative, diabetic-friendly breakfasts for Shirley, featuring adorable egg characters parachuting, snowboarding, and even snorkeling.

Here are some of my favorites.


"Week 9 of bed rest and every morning, Gat prepares my diabetic-friendly breakfast. It's the same every day: one (egg-white only) hard-boiled egg and slice of wheat toast with peanut butter. Lately, he's gotten a little more creative with presentation -- my breakfast appears with funny faces. Here's what I found this morning"

"I'd have to say that today's is my favorite so far for creativity. Mind you, I've not asked him to make my dull breakfast more exciting, but he seems to be enjoying it. I think 9 weeks of domestication with a wife stuck in bed is starting to affect my dear husband. Although, it's definitely bringing out a creative side in him. Here's what put a big smile on my face this morning."

"I was a little groggy so it took me a second to make out what I was looking at this morning. The leaf is a tree, the yolk is the sun, and the two little eggs are sitting on some sort of bridge. I'm going to guess that I'm the egg on the right, since the legs are crossed 🙂 Some day, I'm going to miss these little moments."

"Today's breakfast art probably used the most ingredients yet. Too bad my food preparer/artist doesn't have a wide range of ingredients to work with."

"Yesterday, I spoke with the diabetes nurse educator and asked her some dietary questions and she encouraged me to try increasing my breakfast from one to two eggs. Needless to say, Chef Gat was very enthused by this because he now has extra eggs to play with. Despite today's heat, my eggs are snowboarding and skiing on my plate this morning."

"Whoever suggested some kind of action you go. They're kung fu eggs today and one of them seems to have even released a fireball of some sort."

"After a week of activity, I guess today was the medal award ceremony for my egg-lympians. Note the Olympic rings above the three waving champions!"

"I think the eggs are officially on vacation this week. This morning I found them fully equipped in snorkeling gear and the cutest little fish (cut from carrots)."

"My breakfast was very sweet today, but not because of the carbs. The eggs are on a gondola today, complete with gondolier wearing a scarf."

"Today's experiment is whether a multi-grain Eggo waffle is as healthy as a slice of wheat toast. I sure hope so, because it smells really good. Today, the eggs are going in a hot air balloon. Some place fun, I hope!"

"Still on adventure mode, the eggs continue enjoying themselves by parachuting today."

"Not knowing what tomorrow holds, it's possible this picture may be one of the last of this series, but let's hope not. In this image, Gat portrays himself coming home to mommy and a baby boy in a stroller."

(You can see the rest of the images on


2 thoughts on “Husband’s Food Art for Pregnant Wife on Bed Rest (via

  1. This is great, how do you find this stuff? I love coming to your site because I am always pleasantly surprised at the amazing pictures and slide shows. I still haven’t gotten over the woolly pig post.

    • Haha! Thanks!

      I rely a lot on what people share with me or things I randomly come across while searching for something else. This series was courtesy of a friend of mine in Malaysia who just had a baby and is, therefore, reading tons of baby related things. She’s also where I heard about Mila’s Daydreams.

      I don’t remember where I first heard about woolly pigs, but I can’t get them out of my head either!

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