I Must Be Doing Something Right

So, today was a day I like quite a lot: my birthday and Día de los Muertos. I’m just a tad fascinated with this holiday set aside to honor and remember our departed loved ones in such a festive way. It’s exactly how I’d like to be sent off when I die: a celebration of life rather than sadness over loss. So, Feliz Día de los Muertos, everyone!

I got some truly great gifts for my birthday. Well, they are really great if you’re trying to be a farm girl. I got, amongst other, less exciting things, 164 ft of electric poultry fencing (which couldn’t come at a better time), an awesome pair of poultry shears (also well-timed since I’ve got 4 turkeys to butcher before Thanksgiving), and a Leatherman Surge multitool (it’s got the most tools!). I guess people are really starting to believe this is what I want to be doing since I got useful stuff instead of bath towels!

Other excitement to be had today: Our friends from the Bahamas are here visiting so we’ve been shopping and sightseeing. We had family birthday dinner tonight and it was a total riot. 15 adults and 4 children under the age of 2. I managed to sit most of the kids around me and we had a splendid time making a mess in a nice restaurant. My niece Addy (13 months) and my friend Caroline’s son Lucas (2 years) spent most of the meal trying to kiss each other and swapping drinks. My grandfather did his Marilyn Monroe “Happy Birthday” impression, which really impressed the kids.

Got home to a fence down and some horses out. Wrangled them back into their field and fixed the fence in dressy clothes and heels. Went to close the chickens in for the night and found that the cows had run through the chicken fence for the second time today (the new fence goes up tomorrow and COWS BEWARE) and chickens were scattered. Fetched chickens from a tree (still in dressy clothes and heels) and managed to get manure all over my hands. Stupid cows.

Now for some hot chocolate and bed. It’s been a good day. Tomorrow I’m celebrating with friends: Beach Boys cover bands and hookah. Life does not suck.


One thought on “I Must Be Doing Something Right

  1. Happy Birthday m’dear! Hope you had a great time with your partner, your family and your visitors. Topped off with some fun and games when you got home, by the sound of it! People say sheep are dumb but cows just take the cake for me.

    Anyway, many happy returns. Now knuckle down and get on with your BoPoMoFo writing. Wait, that sounds familiar, but I don’t think it’s right.


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