Art you can eat off of!

My good friend Megan Ramsey Daloz is an amazing glass and clay craftswoman. She makes beautiful pieces that are, conveniently, also functional. Currently, she is an artist in residence at Mudfire Clayworks and a part-time glass artist for Janke Studios, both in Atlanta, Georgia.

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As the recession continues, buying locally-made fine craft is not just a shopping solution, it is a statement in favor of a better way to be. There simply couldn’t be a better year to get behind the Buy-Handmade/Buy-Local movement. Gifting handmade is gifting care and quality. Nothing store-bought can compare with the sentiment and craftsmanship of an object made by an artisan. So this year, instead of mass-produced packaged goods, give gifts that speak to the care and love with which the objects were made and selected.

If you are in the Atlanta area, you can find Megan’s work at the Mudfire Holiday Sale going on Friday, November 26 at noon through 8 p.m. Thursday, December 23.

If you aren’t in the Atlanta area, you can contact Megan directly through her website and place an order for shipment.


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