An Addendum on “The Great Fence-capade”

So, I felt that it was necessary to add that, after my little rant about men having different ideas about how to do things correctly (by which I basically meant they do things half-way), my brother and I had a lovely working day today. He was in a good mood (mostly because his fiance came out) and we had lots of laughs while we worked.

And work we did. A lot of it. And even after his fiance left, he was courteous to me and didn’t argue when I asked him to do something he probably thought was pointless. And we were pretty stinking productive. We got the whole fence done, even though that meant working into the dark. All that’s left is to check one section tomorrow where the electrical current is dropping a bit and we’re in great shape!

So, I’m eating a bit of crow, but that’s ok. What really matters is that the fence is fixed and my brother and I might be better farming partners than we ever realized.


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