NPR talks bacon

NPR had an article today entitled “Why Bacon Is a Gateway Meat for Vegetarians.”

Because bacon is one- to two-thirds fat and also has lots of protein, it speaks to our evolutionary quest for calories, Lundstrom says. And since 90 percent of what we taste is really odor, bacon’s aggressive smell delivers a powerful hit to our sense of how good it will taste.

“There’s an intimate connection between odor and emotion, and odor and memory,” Lundstrom says. “When you pair that with the social atmosphere of weekend breakfast and hunger, bacon is in the perfect position to take advantage of how the brain is wired.”

Indeed, the social experience of eating bacon also seems very important, says Donna Maurer, author of Vegetarianism: Movement or Moment? Opportunities to try new foods, like chocolate-covered bacon, with friends might push some vegetarians over the edge.

Bacon has special status in foodie circles, and that too seems to have enhanced its power over wavering vegetarians. Some have dubbed 2011 as the Year of Meat. is a veritable daily bacon news source. And in New York can you find Bacon-Palooza, an event NPR covered on All Things Considered last year. [excerpted from article]

Yes, I agree. Umhmm… makes sense. But really, is there a more compelling argument than this?


Maple Candied Bacon

I think I’ve proved my case.



4 thoughts on “NPR talks bacon

    • Which is exactly as it should be. No one has the upperhand when it comes to bacon. You just can’t imagine how long and how ardently I’ve been waiting for bacon to come back into my life. Only 6-9 more months to go!

  1. Don’t get me wrong, I love bacon very muchly also! But the American sweet tooth just cuts me the wrong way. “Maple candied bacon”? Seriously? Well, maybe I’ll just try one slice.

    No! Stop it! You pour maple syrup over eggs and bacon served on sweet pancakes, it’s insane! Oh, gods, why can’t we have a Dennys here?

    Anyway, this about says it all.


    • AHAHAHA! That is a seriously great graphic!

      I don’t have that much of a sweet tooth- I’m more of a savory fan. But that maple candied bacon looks so beautiful and you know you’d at least have to have a little.

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